Is a Home Warranty worth the Additional Expense?

April 22, 2014

home warrantyWhether you’re a first time homebuyer or someone who is selling their home and moving into another; Dean Graziosi shares that a home warranty could provide you valuable protection for your home while also providing you with peace of mind.  If you’re not familiar with what exactly a home warranty is, I have listed some important information below.

It has become common practice for many homebuyers to choose to purchase home warranties when they purchase a new home.  The average cost for a home warranty is between $350 – $500 for basic coverage and an additional $100 – $300 for more extensive protection.  Homebuyers, especially those who are purchasing their first home, like the protection that home warranties have to offer.  They like the fact that if anything should need to be repaired they can rely on the warranty.

For sellers, the purchase of a home warranty can be a wise investment to protect their property while they have it listed; especially if their home features older appliances and systems.  When their home sells, they can then transfer ownership of the warranty to the new buyers.  This may also provide them with an added incentive to attract buyers to their home, especially if they are concerned about any repairs that the home need during their first year.

When you purchase a newly built home, you can typically expect to receive a one-year warranty on appliances and systems installed in the new home.  You may also receive a 10-year warranty on structural elements which were paid for by the builder; but when you purchase an older home you will likely not receive any type of warranty.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you should understand that a warranty is designed to cover specific items under that service contract.  Should a problem arise, you will then need to contact the company holding the warranty and they will then send a repair person to your home.  You will likely have to pay a service fee, but that is a small amount compared to what some repairs can cost.

Dean Graziosi recommends that before you purchase any type of home warranty, you carefully and thoroughly read the terms and conditions.  This will help you determine whether the purchase of the warranty is a good investment for you.  It is important that you fully understand what items in your home are covered, and any limitations of your policy and how much you will need to pay in fees.  If you’re selling your home, you may want to consider purchasing a warranty to protect you while your home is listed.  It can help save you money on any repairs that the home may need during this time.

What You Should Avoid Before Purchasing a New Home

April 15, 2014

MortgageSo you’ve been approved for a mortgage, and you believe that all of the financial pressure you’ve been under for the last few months is over.  Dean Graziosi states that while that may be true, it is important that you avoid making some costly financial mistakes that can lead to your lender changing their mind.  It is common for many lenders to run a second credit check prior to your closing date, this is primarily done to ensure that there have been no major life changes since you were first approved for your loan.  It is important for all home buyers to maintain the same credit profile that they had when they were approved for their mortgage.  To help you avoid some of the most common financial mistakes made by new home buyers, I have listed some things you should avoid until the final papers are signed.

Should You Consider Buying a Condo

April 9, 2014

condoThe prospect of buying a condo can be very exciting. While you will share walls with others and live in a building that won’t be all your own, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase a certain part of it and someone else will be taking care of the exterior. So is this enough reason to take the plunge? As Dean Graziosi writes in a real estate blog post, some of the home buyers of today are now interested in living in cities and busy neighborhoods instead of in the quiet suburbs.

Condos make great second homes for a lot of people, but should you purchase one to live in all the time? This can be a difficult question to answer. Each complex will be different. While you will share walls with your neighbors, the purchase of a one story condominium means you will probably also share either a floor or ceiling with someone else. Choosing a two story model will rectify this problem if you aren’t comfortable with the potential noise level you may encounter.

Condos come with fees. You will belong to an association and be required to pay a fee each month. Though this isn’t much different from living in some neighborhoods, it will add to your monthly living costs.

When you purchase a condo, you won’t have a yard of your own. Some patio homes are structured so each unit has a very small place that can serve as a yard, but it won’t be anything close to what you’d get with the purchase of a house.

Condos are less private. Sure you’ll have privacy in your own home, but you will always be in very close proximity to others. If you don’t like noise and aren’t comfortable with other people living so close, a condo is not for you. If, on the other hand, you enjoy the noise and company, a condo may be the best choice.

Many condominium complexes don’t have garages. If you are looking for a garage where you will be able to park your vehicle, you may have to look hard. Even if you do find one, it may be a parking garage you will share with other condo owners. Some condominiums may come equipped with actual garages for each separate unit, but you may have to look hard to find one. Even if you do, there’s also no guarantee it will come with a garage door. This makes it less private and leaves you open to property theft and vandalism.

The decision to buy a condo is a big one. Before deciding to go ahead with it, know what to expect. As noted in an article posted on, there are several steps you should take before making such a purchase. You can learn more about this and other relevant real estate topics by visiting Dean Graziosi’s website.

How to Use Closet Space to Sell Your Home

April 1, 2014

ClosetHome buyers of today are looking for many important features when entering into the search for a new house. Closet space is among the most notable because storage space has become essential. There are plenty of ways to show off your closet space and make it more appealing, even if you aren’t actually able to increase it. As Dean Graziosi points out in a real estate blog post, the key to using your closet space when selling is properly showing it off.

If you own an older home, chances are it doesn’t contain large closets. You may wish to expand one or more of your closets by knocking out a wall or two and creating more storage space. If you are unable to do this, you can optimize what little space you do have by making a few important organizational changes.

Add clothing rods and shelving where possible. Prospective buyers who are searching for great storage space may appreciate the organization options. Adding shoe shelves will also appeal to women.

If you have a rather large living room or bedroom, you may wish to knock out one wall of the closet and extend it as mentioned above. This will take some work and come at a cost, but it may be well worth it in the end. Many older homes are quite charming, but the lack of closet space can keep them from selling. Increasing closet space can work in your favor.

If you are fortunate enough to own a home with large closets and plenty of space, use it to your benefit when showing the home. Leave closet doors open so prospective buyers can see how much space is inside. Keep items off the floors and neatly stored in the closets so they will also be able to view the closets at their best. A de-cluttered closet also makes it appear larger and more open.

Clean out your closets before your home is viewed by prospective buyers. As an article in Fox News suggests, you should aim to have 20 to 30 percent of your closet space unoccupied. This will show your viewers exactly how much closet space there is in your home.

If your master bedroom contains two closets, consider knocking out the wall between them. These are often perfect as “his and hers” closets, but eliminating that one wall can open up the space and enable couples to use it even more creatively.

There are plenty of ways to show off your closet space effectively. The key is to capture the best features of each when allowing your home to be viewed by potential home buyers. You can read more about this and other relevant real estate topics by visiting Dean Graziosi’s website.

Should You Install A Whole-Home Humidifier

March 6, 2014

177046979We all know how much better we feel when we’re suffering from a cold or sinus infection when we breathe in moisture filled warm air.  However, when we are not sick we continue to live in a home with dry air.  What you may not be aware of is that dry indoor air can bring about health issues, such as nose bleeds, dry scratchy throats, and dry skin.  If you have noticed that you and your family are suffering from these ailments, Dean Graziosi recommends that you may want to consider installing a whole-home humidifier system.

It has been shown that homes with a humidity level at or above 40% are more comfortable to live in.  You will notice that your skin is not as dry, there is less static electricity, and you no longer suffer from itchy eyes or chapped lips.  A humidity level higher than 40% has also been shown to make some viruses inactive, which means that colds and the flu will spread less in your home among family members.

Homes that are able to maintain a higher humidity level are also more energy efficient.  The added humidity in the air lets your home feel warmer than it actually is.  This means that you will be able to keep your thermostat set at a lower temperature and not become uncomfortable.

The newer models of whole-home humidifiers are more efficient and easier to care for than previous models.  Homeowners who are interested in installing a humidifier system in their home now have more options to choose from.  The options available to choose from include fan-powered units, steam and bypass.  Fan-powered units are typically used in conjunction with forced-air heating systems and are attached to the furnace.  This is the most common unit that is installed in homes today.

To choose the correct size for your home, you will need to determine the square footage of your home and how your home was constructed.  The capacity of humidifiers is measured by gallons per day of use.  If you have any questions or are concerned that you may not measure your home properly, you should contact a professional to ensure that the measurements are correct.

When you are preparing to estimate the cost of a humidifier system for your home, you need to take into consideration the primary cost of the system, as well as the costs associated with operating the unit.  Some humidifier systems are more energy efficient than others, you should carefully look at each option available and choose the most efficient unit available.  This will help ensure that you are saving as much money and energy as possible.

Should You Choose a New Home Over a Resale

February 27, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe decision to buy a home is both important and exciting. Odds are, it’s the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. So, what should you purchase? How do you know whether or not it would be in your best interest to buy a new home over a resale? A post on Dean Graziosi’s blog will provide you with important home buying tips. The information below will also help you when making the right choice.


A newly built property can offer you fewer problems than one that was previously occupied. Whether you choose to build it yourself or choose one that has already been constructed but never lived in, you will be the home’s first owner. This can be very exciting because you won’t have to deal with pre-existing issues or be faced with repair and replacement costs.


There are several benefits to purchasing both a new home and a resale. Before making a decision, consider the advantages of each carefully.


New Homes


One of the greatest benefits of buying a new home is that it will typically sell higher per square foot than one that is pre-owned. This will be important and relevant should you ever decide to sell.


A new home is just that, new. This means brand new construction, fixtures, plumbing, electrical, and so on. If you are lucky, you’ll even have some input into various features, colors, and themes. Even if this isn’t the case, there’s just nothing like that “new home” smell and feel.


If you choose a new home that is currently being constructed, chances are the builders will allow you to help design the home just the way you want it. Customizing your own property can be fun and will enable you to have the features you desire.


A newly constructed home will be more energy efficient. More recent building codes have mandated these efficiency standards over the last several years. This will save you, the home owner money both now and in the long run.




A resale may not cost as much which can be especially advantageous if you won’t need to put even more money into fixing it up after making the purchase. There are plenty of great resales around, and you can make certain customizations to them over time.


Home buyers who are unable to afford a new home may still be able to purchase one by choosing a resale. This would still allow a home owner to make a great investment that will pay off in the future.


The purchase of a resale may also allow you to live in a particular neighborhood. Perhaps there is a certain area that interests you, but nowhere there to build a new home. The solution would be to buy in that neighborhood and make the changes you want along the way.


Before buying a home, decide what you want and compare that to what you will be able to afford. There are many reasons to consider both a new construction and a resale, so look at all your options carefully. Check out Dean Graziosi’s blog for more home buying and real estate tips.

How Making a Video Can Help Sell Your Home

February 17, 2014

stk119524rkeVideos are all over the place these days and help sell just about everything. They are easy to make and post, and can garner a lot of attention in mere minutes. As Dean Graziosi points out in a blog post, it is important to focus on your home’s best features and use them as selling points and a video can help you accomplish this.


A great video that is short, concise, and to the point can really help sell real estate. Prospective buyers who are searching through listings online will be able to see the features of your property while simultaneously listening to the narration that accompanies the picture. You can literally walk them through your house room by room, showing off each selling point as you go.


You don’t have to purchase expensive equipment to create a great video. Most digital still cameras are equipped with a camcorder feature, and most phones and tablets possess video recording capability as well. The key is to ensure the picture quality is very good and clear. You want the visual content to show both the exterior and interior of your home. Make sure you are able to zone in on important aspects of your property so potential home buyers will be able to see them well.


Sound should also rank high in importance. Prospects watching your video should be able to clearly hear and understand the audio content. Speak  into the microphone without getting to close so as to avoid distortion. Also take care not to talk too fast. You want viewers to be able to follow easily.


Make sure the picture is in sync with the audio. While this may sound strange, sometimes the two become a bit off with one another which can confuse those watching your video. If you need to edit your video, do so before posting it. Editing software is readily available and even comes on many computers and cameras sold today.


So how can your video be used to sell your home? You can post it on Youtube and share it on all your social media pages. You can link to it from other pages. The more people who learn about the video, the more it will be viewed.


Your video can also be used to showcase the neighborhood in which you live. Prospective home buyers will want to know about what surrounds your property. Information about neighborhoods are very important to those viewing homes online. The more a person can learn about a particular spot before-hand, the easier it is to narrow down the possibilities.


A video can make your home stand out in web searches. Videos can also draw more traffic for showings and open houses. This helps homes move faster for both realtors and home sellers. The key is choosing the right features to showcase and putting together a video that will really make it sell. You can learn more about focusing on features by visiting Dean Graziosi’s blog.

To Finish or Not to Finish The Basement

January 29, 2014

178059643When it comes time to sell your home, knowing which features to capitalize on and what changes to make is extremely important. Some renovations can be quite costly so you don’t want to spend money on something that won’t appeal to potential home buyers. You can read more about various features home buyers are looking for at Dean Graziosi’s real estate blog.


Basements are often sought after and have a wide variety of uses. If they are unfinished, they are most often used as storage space or a hang out for the kids. A finished basement, on the other hand, can serve many different purposes.


A finished basement can serve as a mancave, a place where the guys can gather and do their thing. It can also serve as a game room. Because most basements are large, this makes for a great option. You can add a bathroom so guests don’t have to continuously traipse up and down the stairs.


A finished basement would also make a wonderful apartment for a college student or to serve as in-law quarters. You can add a bedroom, full bathroom, a living room, and even a small kitchen. You may even be able to add a door that leads directly outside to make coming and going easier. This, however, will depend on the set up of your basement and home as a whole.


So, what are home buyers looking for in a basement? This can be a difficult question to answer because it will differ greatly from one home buyer to another. So should you finish your basement?


Talk to realtors in your area to find out if a lot of home buyers go for finished or unfinished basements. Learn what people are looking for before shelling out a lot of cash unnecessarily. Potential home buyers may want to finish the basement space for themselves, turning it into the room or rooms of their choice.


As pointed out in an article posted on, while a finished basement may not give you the best return on your home, it can really work in your favor. Whether you are choosing to use it as space for an extra bedroom, office, or playroom, it definitely has its many purposes.


Before deciding whether or not to finish your basement, figure out a budget. How much will you have to spend on a project such as this? If you won’t be able to afford it, you can either wait until you can, renovate, then sell, or you can forego the project altogether and put your home on the market.


You will also need to figure out how you wish to finish the basement. Different projects will vary where price is concerned, so your budget may once again be the deciding factor. You can learn more about other similar real estate topics by visiting Dean Graziosi’s website.

Creating a More Energy Efficient Home

January 13, 2014

86516703Energy efficiency has become a major concern for many home owners. Homes come at a high price and can be quite expensive to maintain. Real estate professionals like Dean Graziosi understand the importance of saving both energy and money and know just what potential home buyers are looking for in a new house.


So how can you create a more energy efficient home? There are several ways to do this, and some are more costly than others. You can begin with the exterior.


Install siding. This is a great way to keep out the unwanted cold during the winter and heat during summer months. This will mean your heat and air conditioning won’t have to work as hard to keep your house warm and cool respectively.


Replace your windows and doors if they need it. Storm windows and doors are a great idea. Again, they help keep out unwanted cold and heat while retaining the good air that helps your home maintain a constant temperature.


Replace the weather stripping around the doors. This will keep unwanted air from getting in and the good air from escaping.


Opt for energy efficient appliances. These use as little energy as possible while getting the job done. They include: dish washers, clothes washers and driers, heaters, air conditioners, and other items you use around the home on a regular basis.


Energy efficient appliances will help decrease your monthly utility bills. You may be surprised how much money you’ll save.


Along with energy efficiency, buyers of today are also concerned about environmentally safe products. Appliances that are “green” along with building materials that will help save the environment will be appealing to potential buyers who view your home.


Make sure all your plumbing is updated. While this may not seem important, bad or old plumbing can cause problems. For example, if your water pressure is very low, you’ll have a much harder time washing dishes, clothes, and taking showers.


Replace your hot water heater if it is an older unit. A hot water heater that is out-of-date won’t work as efficiently as it should. For instance, if it takes a lot of time for your water to heat up, you’ll wind up using more of it while you are waiting.


If you’re looking for some projects that can add value to your home while making it more energy efficient, check out this article posted on for more ideas. Dean Graziosi also provides great tips on his website.


Making home improvements is very important if you are considering putting your property on the market any time soon. An energy efficient home will save you money and will be more appealing to the new owners. It may even help your home sell much more quickly.

How To Keep An Older House Warm During Winter Months

December 26, 2013

deangraziosi.comOlder homes have a lot of appeal that many newer homes are lacking, according to Dean Graziosi.  But with that charm and appeal come issues that are common for older homes, the most common being that they are generally not energy efficient.  It has been reported that approximately 1/3 of energy consumed by the nation can be attributed to the residential sector and primarily to homes that were built prior to 1983.  If you are the owner of an older home or are considering purchasing one, there are some things you can do to keep your older home warm during winter months.

The first thing that you should do is have an energy audit performed.  An energy audit will help you see where you are losing the majority of your heat and where cold air is coming into your home.  This service can be performed by some utility companies for free, if your utility company does not offer this service you may want to find a professional company that is experienced in this procedure.  A professional auditing company will point out sources of air loss that are not obvious.  Once you know where you are experiencing heat loss you will be prepared to take steps to help stop it.

The next thing that you should is check your doors and windows for gaps that may be allowing warm air to escape and letting cold air in.  Sealing these areas is one of the least expensive and easiest ways in which you can save on your energy bills.  You can purchase weather stripping at any of your local home remodeling stores and many of the big box retailers stock it as well.  Another great way to ensure that no cold air comes in through your windows is to seal them using plastic sheeting.  There are many different designs and options to choose from when it comes to plastic sheeting.  Just remember to choose the right size for the window that you will be covering.

Another great thing that you can do is to install or update the current level of insulation in your home.  If you prefer not to deal with the installation of insulation on your own, you may want to hire an experienced insulation company that will inject a foam resin insulation into your walls.  This is a relatively easy process and can be completed in a day.  When this foam is injected into your walls, it will expand into the spaces between the wall supports providing you with a warmer and more efficient home.  These are only a few of the easiest ways in which you can keep an older home warm during winter months.

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