Apartments and Creating Community

February 23, 2017

Dean Graziosi

2016 Predictions – Mortgage Rates & Home Sales Rising with Refinancing Dropping

February 21, 2017

Dean Graziosi

Survey Says… Annual Relocation Patterns Changing

February 19, 2017 has released their annual moving trends 2015 Annual Relocation Data Survey. I wanted to share a few of their data points with you and comment on how some of them influence the plans of real estate investors.
Dean Graziosi

Marketing a Home for Sale or Rent – Photos are Key

February 17, 2017

Dean Graziosi

Helping Tenants and Profiting from the Rental Crisis

February 15, 2017

There are now more renters in the U.S. than ever before in history, and the situation is still developing. Not only are more people wanting to rent instead of buy homes, there is a shortage of inventory.
Dean Graziosi

Negotiating with Real Estate Agents – Buyer or Seller

February 13, 2017

Dean Graziosi

Timing the Market in Selling Your Home

February 11, 2017

Dean Graziosi

Location, Location, Location … Near the Right Store

February 9, 2017

here a home is located has a lot to do with value and what buyers will pay to live there. Sometimes the location factor can have a greater impact due to the neighbors. I don’t mean other residences either.
Dean Graziosi

Flipping Houses on the Rise Again

February 7, 2017

Dean Graziosi

Should You Worry About a Housing Price Bubble?

February 5, 2017

Today’s market is very different. The rising prices today are caused by a fundamental economic supply and demand imbalance. There are simply far more buyers than sellers in the current market, and this is creating competitive buying and higher prices.
Dean Graziosi

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