How You Can Go Green on a Budget

October 29, 2013


When many homeowners think of going green they envision large solar panels attached to their roof, while that is one way to go green, it is not the only way according to Dean Graziosi.  If you are concerned with the environment and the carbon footprint that you are leaving you may be considering different ways in which you can go green without having to refinance your home.  There are some inexpensive and relatively easy things you can do to go green on a budget, according to Dean Graziosi.  Below you will find information on how

When it comes to going green many people lose interest because of the money and amount of time it may take to successfully turn your home green.  However, there are some steps you can take that won’t put a huge demand on your available cash or free time after work, says Mr. Graziosi.   One of the easiest ways that you can lessen the impact that you have on the planet is to have your furnace and faucets serviced and ensure that there are no problems.  You change out all of your heating and cooling filters located in your home and weatherproof any doors and windows that may be allowing air to leak in or out of your home.  Another easy step that you can take during this time is to change your shower head to low-flow designs which will lessen the amount of water that you waste every time you can accomplish a greener lifestyle on a budget.

Mr. Graziosi also states that by planting a vegetable garden or smaller kitchen garden you will be limiting the amount of trips that you take to the market, thereby using less fuel.  If you do have to go to the grocery store, you might want to consider walking or riding your bike, not only is it good for the environment, it is also good for your health.  When you decide to make green changes to your home and lifestyle, don’t forget to look into any grants that may be available from your state and federal government.  There are also tax credits that you may qualify for if you make energy saving modifications to your home.

Going green doesn’t have to cost you a fortune; there are many small things that can reduce the amount of energy that you use on a daily basis.  Even something that you may feel is insignificant can end up being a positive change for you and the environment.  Don’t hesitate, take a minute or two and look around your home for any problem areas that may be causing you to lose heat or let in cold air.  Both of these factors can have an impact on your monthly energy bill.

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