How to Prepare Your Home for Prospective Buyers

November 19, 2013

87632253When preparing your home to be shown to prospective buyers, think of how you would want it to look if viewing it for the first time. You are used to all the features and accents, to every aspect of your home that made you want to buy it. Prospective buyers, on the other hand, may see it in a completely different way. It’s safe to say everyone will come away with something different in their heads. This could be a particular feature or characteristic that served as an attention grabber. The same goes for the little things you took the time to do or those you didn’t do. As Dean Graziosi points out in a post on this topic, you should create a pleasant atmosphere that will be helpful to buyers.


Declutter the outside as well as the inside. Buyers will see the outside first. If they don’t like what’s there, they will probably never make it into the house itself. That is why the yard, garage, and all surrounding areas should be free of clutter. Remove all items that are taking up space and can be stored elsewhere. Free space looks better and allows prospective buyers to form their own picture about how the space should be used. As stated in an article in Forbes, you should think long-term.


Decluttering the inside will have the same effect, but will also make the rooms seem larger. This can go a long way toward helping buyers figure out the best ways to use the space. Remember, you are showing them the space, not how to use it. Let them be imaginative and give them the perfect atmosphere for figuring out how they would do that.


Do maintenance where necessary. If something needs repairs, make sure they are completed before your home is ever shown. Even the smallest of details can make a huge difference. For example, a wall badly in need of a little paint or new wallpaper can create the wrong vibe and change the way in which a buyer sees your home.


Appeal to the senses. If conducting an open house, consider playing soft music rather than the type you might usually listen to while driving to work in the morning. The same is true when choosing a scent to make your home smell clean and fresh. Avoid the harsh scents and make sure the ones you do choose aren’t overpowering. Dean Graziosi explains how to appeal to the senses in a post on his website.


Don’t go with any type of theme when showing your home. Certain color schemes or ideas might distract prospective buyers and make it difficult for them to focus on the actual features of the property itself.


Taking the right steps to prepare your home for buyers is important. You can visit Dean Graziosi’s site for information on this and other topics.

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