How To Protect Your Home While It’s On the Market

July 30, 2014

homeYou’ve finally decided that you’re ready to list your home.  You’ve cleaned, trimmed your trees and hedges, planted new flowers, updated the paint where needed and you’re ready to get busy showing your home.  The one thing that the majority of homeowners share is the fear of leaving behind all of their prized possessions when they have a showing or open house.

Dean Graziosi states that homes listed for sale can be targeted by thieves, lawsuits that someone filed as a result of an injury sustained during an open house or showing and more.  To help you feel more at ease when it comes time to show your home, I have listed some ways in which you can protect your home while it’s on the market.

If you do not plan on coming straight home after you have had a showing or an open house, you may want to ask one of your neighbors to stop by your home and make sure that all of the doors have been locked.  This will help protect your home from any unwanted visitors who may be aware that you are currently not home.  While a home is listed, neighbors become used to the fact that strangers are coming and going from your home, sharing with them when you are expecting a showing or when you will be away for a long period of time may help them be more aware of anything unusual.

The next way that you can protect your home while it’s on the market is to keep all of your expensive items out of sight.  If you have any high-priced collectibles, jewelry, or other expensive items Dean Graziosi recommends placing them in a safe or lockbox you may have in your home.  If you do not have a safe place to store these items in your home, you may want to consider renting a safety deposit box until you sell your home.  You should also be careful about the paperwork that you leave lying around your home during this time.  You should ensure that anything with your social security number or any other account information is filed away or shredded.

During the time that you have your home listed, someone may get hurt while visiting your property.  This is not something that every homeowner considers prior to listing their home, but accidents do happen.  In the case that someone is injured while on your property, they may hold you liable and decide to sue.

To help keep lawsuits at bay, you should ensure that any loose or uneven flooring has been properly repaired.  If you have your home listed during winter months, you need to remove all ice and snow from your steps and sidewalks.  If you have rugs on your floors, you may want to secure them with tape or non-slip padding.  You may also want to simply remove them entirely for the time being.  Make sure that all of your stairways and hallways are clear of clutter and make sure that your home is properly lit during any showings.

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